• “Functional Programming with F#”, October 2019, Bangkok (Thailand)
    An introduction to F# at .NET Conf Thailand.

  • “Aaaarrgghh, Spider! Web scraping with Scrapy”, June 2018, Bangkok (Thailand)
    Modified version of the previous talk, given at PyCon Thailand which I also co-organized.

  • “Sanity On Rails reloaded”, April 2018, Taipei (Taiwan)
    Presented an updated version of my previous talk at Ruby X Elixir Conf Taiwan (slides).

  • Panel Discussion, August 2017, Pune (India)
    A panel discussion with Ajey Gore, Tim Riley, Vipul Amler, Gautam Rege, and me at Deccan RubyConf (video).

  • “Sanity On Rails”, August 2017, Pune (India)
    A talk on how to write maintainable Rails applications at Deccan RubyConf (slides, video).


  • “Ruby.ancestors — An intro to Smalltalk”, March 2022, Bangkok (Thailand)
    An introduction to Pharo including a live coding session at the Ruby Tuesday meetup.

  • “MethodFinder Ruby gem walkthrough”, July 2019, Bangkok (Thailand)
    Presented my most popular Ruby gem at the Ruby Tuesday meetup.

  • “faastRuby - Serverless Platform for Ruby and Crystal”, March 2019, Bangkok (Thailand)
    Introducing the faastRuby platform to the members of Ruby Tuesday.

  • “Internet of Snakes - Intro to Micropython”, March 2019, Bangkok (Thailand)
    A ThaiPy talk on Micropython and the M5Stack IoT development board.

  • “Crystal for Rubyists”, September 2018, Bangkok (Thailand)
    An introduction to Crystal for Ruby developers, based on my blog post series.

  • “Panel: Unorthodox Ruby uses that you might not know”, June 2018 Bangkok (Thailand)
    A panel discussion at Ruby Tuesday with Robin Clart (CTO Omise), Dan Itsara (CTO Glazziq) and me on lesser known Ruby uses.

  • “New Features in Rails 5.2”, March 2018, Bangkok (Thailand)
    Presentation at the monthly Ruby Tuesday meetup (slides).

  • “Aaaarrgghh, Spider! Web scraping with Scrapy”, December 2017, Bangkok (Thailand)
    Introduction to Scrapy including a hands-on demo at the ThaiPy meetup (slides).

  • “Let Python give you a little hug”, February 2017, Bangkok (Thailand)
    Presenting the Hug library for simple API development at the ThaiPy meetup.

  • “Word vectors”, July 2016, Bangkok (Thailand)
    Introduction to word vectors and word2vec at the ThaiPy meetup (slides).

  • “Penetrationstests mit Metasploit”, September 2011, Vienna (Austria)
    Introduction to the Metasploit framework at the Linuxwochenende (“Linux weekend”) 2011 (slides, video).

  • “F#”, May 2011, Vienna (Austria)
    An introduction to F#, presented at the Lambdaheads functional programming meetup (slides).

  • “So you want to learn Clojure?”, May 2011, Vienna (Austria)
    Resources for learning Clojure, presented at the Lambdaheads functional programming meetup (slides).

  • “Functional Programming”, November 2009, Vienna (Austria)
    An introduction to functional programming, followed by a hands-on workshop.